God has blessed us with 77.7 acres of land to be used to glorify Him.  It will have a three fold ministry.  Apart from the main house we will be building a guest house with 3 bedrooms and one bathroom as well as kitchen and living area.  It will also have a 2 car carport attached as well as stables for 6 horses.  This will be stage 1.The main ranch house will be stage 2.

1) It will be a place for combat veterans from all conflicts to come and rest with their families and assist them to re-adjust,

2) a place where children who are caught up in the system can come and get trained in the basics of living which will include cooking, budgeting, responsibility as well as working with both power and hand tools.

3) A place where people can come and learn about how to grow natural medicines etc.

4) And most importantly, a place where people can learn about and meet with Christ

If you wish to support our ministry, you can make checks out to Last Roundup Cowboy Church.  we are in the process of getting out 501(c) which will enable donations to be tax deductible.

Last Roundup Cowboy Church