Last Roundup Cowboy Church


There are a number of ways that you can support our ministry

1) Prayer:  Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have against the enemy or for open doors.  I have never put a price on ministry but God has always been faithful.  Pray for finances to be released so that we can continue Gods work.

2) Financially: As stated above I have never put a price on ministry but we do need finances to achieve our goals.  If you can help in this area in any way it would be a great help.  Checks can be made out to Last Roundup Church.   God knows what we need, seek Him in relation to donations.

3) Church visitations:  I am available for invites to your church anytime.  Again, I do not put a price but rely on God through love offerings and donations.  If you would like me to come to your church please go to the contact us page and complete information.